What To Expect In Our Webinar

Discover how you can transform your network infrastructure to meet the demands of the future by embracing automation, ensuring assurance and fostering a culture of innovation. 

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape. where hybrid work models and decentralised cloud applications are becoming the norm, your network needs to be more robust, agile and efficient than ever before. 

Our speakers, who are experts in Cisco Infrastructure, provide you with invaluable insights, strategies and best practices to navigate the dynamic landscape with confidence. 

Featuring Peter Morris, Cisco Partner Systems Engineer at Cisco.


  • The roles of Automation in Modern Networking 
  • Ensuring Network Assurance: Strategies for Reliability and Resilience 
  • Embracing Innovation: Adapting your network...
  • Expert Advice: Insights, expert analysis and recommendations to meet your businesses requirements.

Webinar Date & Duration

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Thursday 14 September 2023

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45 mins