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Proudly serving the Public Sector

Cisilion and the Public Sector

Cisilion is an award-winning systems integrator with almost two decades of experience working with an extensive portfolio of partners in the public sector ecosystem, achieving a truly global reach through our partnerships.

Our place on key public sector frameworks allows us to deliver our solutions to central government, local councils, NHS Trusts, and other public sector bodies.

This means that we can adapt solutions from the enterprise and commercial space into the public sector through flexible commercial models.

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Our Public Sector Frameworks



G-Cloud 13

  • Framework ID: RM1557.13
  • Direct Award Ability: Yes

The billion-pound G–Cloud 13 procurement framework allows central government, local councils, NHS Trusts, and other public sector bodies to access our wide range of pre-vetted services.

Cisilion offers 19 services through the G–Cloud 13 framework:

  • Cloud Hosting Services
    • Cloud Managed Security
    • Cloud Managed Infrastructure (Cisco)
    • Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting
    • Microsoft 365 Cloud Support Services
    • Cisilion Cloud Managed Infrastructure (Meraki)
  • Cloud Software Services
    • Liberty RPA - Robotic Process Automation
    • Liberty Create - Low-code Platform
    • Liberty Converse - Omnichannel Contact Centre
    • Synergy Sky
    • Cloud SASE Service
    • Cloud Managed Cisco Collaboration service
    • Microsoft Managed Teams Meeting Rooms
    • Managed Microsoft Teams
    • Microsoft 365 Cloud Services
  • Cloud Support Services
    • Cisilion: Windows 11 Deployment Services
    • Cisilion: Microsoft 365 Cloud Support Services
    • Cisilion: Technology Adoption Services
    • Cisilion: Cloud Consultancy Services
    • Cisilion Cisco Partner Support Services

Crown commercial technology services 3

  • Framework ID: RM6100
  • Direct Award Ability: Yes

Providing access to technology strategy, service design, and support with moving to the operational running of an IT estate.

  • LOT 2: Transition and Transformation
  • LOT 3: Operational Services (Maintenance, Managed Service, and Professional Services)
    • LOT 3a: End User Services
    • LOT 3b: Operational Management
    • LOT 3c: Technical Management




Crown commercial network services 2

  • Framework ID: RM3808
  • Direct Award Ability: Yes

Covering telecommunications and connectivity services across the public sector.

  • LOT 5: IP Telephony Services
  • LOT 8: Video Conferencing Services
  • LOT 9: Audio Conferencing Services
  • LOT 10: Unified Communications
  • LOT 13: Contact Centre Services



NHS Shared Business Services

The digital workplace solutions framework, replacing Link: IT Solutions, provides requirements across various IT infrastructure, hardware, and software areas.

  • Application Validation: Environment Specific Application Software / Storage including on-premise and hybrid solutions.
  • Application Virtualisation: Maintenance, management, and support services / Network Switches.
  • Back-up and Recovery: Networking inc. LAN, SAN, and WAN,  Third Party Software inc. Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) software and Bespoke / Niche Software.
  • CALS: (Client Access Licences): Professional Services, Consultancy, Implementation Services, and Training.
  • Client Devices: Profile & Data Re-direction, VDI Connection Protocol.
  • Data Centre Infrastructure: Security and Virtualization Management.
  • Desktop Applications: Servers and Virtualization Platforms.
  • Desktop Operating Systems: Session Broker.





Cisilion is committed to the public sector and these frameworks enable us to deliver our consultancy, operational, and managed service solutions across the public sector.

Whether the business outcome is cost reduction, workforce efficiency, or improving services to the community, Cisilion will provide the solution at the right price.

Debbie Richardson, Cisilion’s Framework Manager



Cisilion's Public Sector Experience

Cisilion has been working with an extensive portfolio of partners in the public sector ecosystem, delivering network, security, data centre, and collaboration solutions across the public sector, including:


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Achieving technical excellence through our Gold Partner status with Cisco and Microsoft, Cisilion has a rich heritage of adapting solutions from the enterprise and commercial space into the public sector.


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