Is your sensitive data protected against accidental leakage or deliberate insider threat?

Sign-up here for our Azure Information Protection Pilot. Cisilion will work with you to allow you to automatically protecting information based on classification, content, recipients, and other attributes.

With support for automated, system-suggested, or user-driven classification, Cisilion can design and deploy and even support an Information Protection solution, powered by Microsoft Azure. To help you identify unstructured information, automatically or manually label known information and provide the extra protection of encryption and Digital Rights Management - ensure your data remains safe and secure and that you remain compliant whilst protecting your Intellectual Property from accidental sharing or intentional theft/espionage.

With Azure Information Protection and InTune, your business will be able to:

  • Protect against Insider Threat – By protecting your intellectual property, personal data, and other sensitive information beyond your organisational borders.
  • Protect and encrypt content with RMS – Achieve end-to-end protection by automatically protecting information based on classification, content, recipients, and other attributes
  • Reduce Mobile Risks – By extending protection of data across your employees mobile devices, you can enforce persistent data protection policies that remain with email and documents no matter where or with whom they are shared.
  • Automatically Encrypt and Protect Email – By automatically protecting sensitive email by applying encryption, digital signatures and forwarding/copy/editing restrictions based on manual or automatic rules.
  • Share Information with Confidence – By easily empowering employees to collaborate securely – empowering them to track and monitor access and attempted access, revoke access and change permissions even after the data has left your inbox.

Scope and pricing of the pilot:  

Our comprehensive and production-ready pilot includes: 

  • ½ day demonstration workshop with key stake holders. This will include a walk through Azure Information Protection capabilities and finalise your objectives
  • Configure Azure Active Directory and Azure Information Protection Service
  • Define and Storyboard 6 to 8 Information Protection scenarios
  • Configure the polices based on the scenarios defined above.
  • Configure the Automatic File Classification and Labelling Policies based on the scenarios
  • Provide in-person Classroom/One2One User Adoption training
  • Carry out knowledge Transfer to the IT / Security Team

Price: £12,500 - including complimentary follow-up session

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Azure INformation Protection Pilot