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Cisilion is a Microsoft FastTrack Ready Partner

As a commercial Microsoft 365 customer, you automatically qualify for complimentary migration assistance services through Microsoft’s Fast Track Ready Program*

Microsoft provides the FastTrack service to help their customers successfully deploy and drive user adoption of Microsoft 365 solutions.


When customers purchase eligible Microsoft 365, Office 365, Windows, or EMS licenses, the FastTrack benefit is included at no additional cost for the life of their subscriptions. FastTrack helps customers migrate data, enable more effective teamwork, protect their organisations from cybersecurity threats, and keep devices and apps up to date.

Cisilion are one of a few select partners in the UK that are proud to be FastTrack Ready Approved, meaning that Microsoft certifies and trust us, to deliver FastTrack services on behalf of Microsoft.

What’s more, since the assistance offered by Microsoft is an entitlement granted by them, Cisilion cannot, by our agreement with Microsoft, charge our customers specifically for these services. We only charge customers for work undertaken to deliver either the customer-dependent portions of the FastTrack program that you wish Cisilion to undertake for you or where the scope falls outside of the FastTrack guidelines.



What Is the Microsoft FastTrack Ready Program?

Microsoft’s FastTrack Ready Program is a Microsoft and partner-driven combination of resources, technical and support expertise, and best practices designed to help organisations successfully deploy Microsoft 365 solutions and drive rapid user adoption. The goal of FastTrack is to help Microsoft customers recognise and maximise the value of their investment and achieve the highest levels of user satisfaction.

FastTrack guidance covers three areas:

  • Planning (setup, remediation, and configuration)
  • Onboarding, with access to best practices
  • Ensuring readiness with an adoption plan and training

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As a certified FastTrack-ready partner, Cisilion is proud to be able to help our customers get the most out of their entitlement with a single goal of distilling trust in Microsoft Cloud services and in Cisilion as a technology enablement partner. Through the FastTrack engagement with Cisilion, we also act as your advocate and will interface with Microsoft’s team of dedicated FastTrack engineers which often includes access to readiness, planning and migration tooling which Microsoft provide as part of the FastTrack also offers resources and expertise to ensure the right solutions are tailored to meet your needs.



How Does the Microsoft FastTrack Ready Program Help Partners like Cisilion?

As a Microsoft FastTrack partner, we benefit from the additional resources provided by Microsoft, which help us to deploy customer solutions with confidence and to drive new or enhanced relationships with customers. FastTrack helps ensure that both the partners and customers have access to a full suite of best practice tools, remote assistance, and other resources to make the transition or adoption of Microsoft Cloud as smooth and efficient as possible. As a FastTrack-ready partner, we receive:

  • Access to Microsoft engineering expertise and customised guidance for Microsoft 365 onboarding and adoption
  • Ability to leverage existing resources instead of creating new ones
  • Access to workshops and guides that help create successful deployments
  • Rebates for successful adoption of your cloud technology services. 

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How Does the Microsoft FastTrack Program Help Our Customers?

By selecting a Microsoft FastTrack partner to help your organisation plan and deploy cloud solutions, you benefit from access to Microsoft designed end-user training, adoption templates, best practice guidance and change management guides that will help you to plan for and drive the deployment/change across your organisation.

FastTrack can help you plan and deploy most of the Microsoft 365 services. For example:

Deploy new cloud capabilities

  • Onboarding to Microsoft 365 services with help migrating your data
  • Planning and deploying Teams for chat-based collaboration, meeting, and productivity apps
  • Enable identity, device management and modern cloud security


Access engineering expertise

  • End-to-end guidance built by Microsoft engineering
  • Access to self-serve tools and resources
  • Guidance delivered remotely by Microsoft engineers or approved partners like Cisilion

Rapid user adoption

  • Create a holistic plan to accelerate user adoption
  • Proven methodologies for a successful implementation
  • Resources to increase capacity for change management


How Can We Help?

Together with Microsoft, Cisilion can help you to accomplish your migration goals faster, more efficiently, and more economically.

By speaking to Cisilion, we can quickly and easily request FastTrack’s assistance on behalf of your organisation. Microsoft FastTrack will bring your organisation and Cisilion together, with Microsoft so that we can help you.

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*minimum eligibility of 150 seats for guidance and 500 seats for migration assist





Why Cisilion?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Cisilion has extensive experience in the enterprise portfolio.

We work with our global clients to help modernise, transform and re-align their businesses to remain agile and competitive in a cloud and mobile first world.

We are trusted to provide specialist consultancy, assessments, technical project delivery, change management, implementation and migration, adoption services and of course technical support.

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