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Discover Programmable ASIC & Software Innovations



Don't Run the Risk of Using End-of-Support Infrastructure

Designed for the new era of intent-based networking, Catalyst 9000 switches combine programmable ASIC and software innovations to deliver the industry’s highest performance and functionality plus breakthrough advancements in security, IoT, mobility and cloud.

Detect Threat


Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series - Always On

Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series switches extend the power of intent-based networking and Catalyst 9000 hardware and software innovation to a broader set of deployments.

Compared to the scale and feature richness the of Catalyst 9300 Series switches, Catalyst 9200 Series switches focus on offering right-sized switching for simple branch deployments. With its family pedigree, Catalyst 9200 Series offers simplicity without compromise – it is:

  • Secure
  • Always on
  • Provides a new level of IT simplicity



Why Should You Upgrade Switches Nearing End of Support:


Ask Yourself


Into the unknown

Without upgrading, your network will become vulnerable to modern sophisticated attacks

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Faster Core, Faster Access

Catalyst Series switches are twice as fast and have twice the capacity of traditional switches

Reccomended Solutions


Security everywhere

Integrated security reduces your attack surface and helps you detect and stop threats



 Centralised management

SD-Access helps to close IT skills gaps created by cloud, virtualisation, and automation technologies


Our Client Success

Cisilion worked with one of the world’s largest globally diversified natural resource companies, to upgrade two primary data centres due to aging hardware reaching end of support.

As part of this process, a technology refresh was required to ensure their datacenter architecture represents a fast, resilient and scalable network. Cisilion deployed a Cisco network based a Catalyst 9500 Campus core/distribution and Catalyst 9400 chassis access switches. This resulted in:

  • Resilient network infrastructure including uplinks, and power supplies
  • Network Device Administration
  • Infrastructure efficiency, agility and consolidation

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