What to expect in #CisilionLIVE...

With the recent changes to Azure Virtual Desktop and this week's official launch of Windows 365 Cloud PC, we walk you through what you need to know about the two. We discuss the key technical and management differences as well as what scenario is best suited to your organisation's needs.
This episode features:

  • Emily Whelan, Azure Practice Lead & Account Director, intY
  • Kristina Bennington, Lead Microsoft Consultant, intY
  • Rob Quickenden, Chief Technology Officer, Cisilion
  • Samuel Baxter, Solutions Architect, Cisilion


In this week's show:

  • Introducing Microsoft's all-new Windows 365.
  • A look at how Microsoft is enhancing the digital experience with Windows 365.
  • How Windows 365 compares to Azure Virtual Desktop.
  • How can Cisilion support your transition to the cloud PC?
  • Open Q&A with our guests.