What to expect in #CisilionLIVE...

Join us on Friday for #CisilionLIVE where we are joined by members of Nuffield Health's Emotional Wellbeing Function to dig down into how workplaces can create a supportive remote work strategy to promote staff mental wellbeing, featuring:

  • Brendan Street, Professional Head of Emotional Wellbeing nuffield-health-logo-vector
  • Dan Buss, Emotional Wellbeing Champion & IT Info Sec Lead nuffield-health-logo-vector
  • Gosia Bowling, Prevention Lead in Emotional Wellbeing nuffield-health-logo-vector
  • Claire McCusker, Strategic Business Development Director nuffield-health-logo-vector
  • Rob Quickenden, Chief Strategy Officer, Cisilion
  • Craige Winter-Nolan, New Business Sales Director, Cisilion


In this show:

  • Exploring the specific challenges Nuffield Health faced supporting the workforce during the pandemic.
  • How Nuffield Health is helping its users with its Emotional Wellbeing Function.
  • Measuring Nuffield Health's user wellbeing through anonymous polling, blogging, 'time to talk', and other tech initiatives.
  • How managers can recognise if an employee is in need of support for their mental health.
  • Defining your employee experience to achieve a better onboarding, meeting, social, and support experience.
  • How workplace analytics and insights can provide a view of employee productivity and wellbeing.
  • Q&A session with our experts.