What to expect in #CisilionLIVE...

In this episode our team will discuss the methodology around zero trust and answers some of the most pressing questions on how you can build a leading security posture - regardless of your existing solutions, featuring:

  • Craige Winter-Nolan, Sales Director, Cisilion
  • Samuel Furnica, Cisilion’s Enterprise Presales Consultan
  • Adam Hand, Cisilion's Senior Microsoft Solutions Architect


In this week's show:

  • Getting to grips with the principles of Zero Trust:
    • Identify, Devices, Data, Apps & Infrastructure - Joining the dots.
  • We challenge our experts to build complex security environments to meet specific threats.
  • vendor agnostic view of key industry-leading solutions:
    • Whether you've invested in leading security vendors Cisco or Microsoft (E3 & E5).
  • Exploring your options with Zero Trust Workshops.
  • Open Q&A with our panelists.