What to expect in #CisilionLIVE...

In this episode our team will answer some of the most pressing questions around hybrid security and what we now consider best practice, featuring:

  • Iqbal Javaid, Head of Collaboration, Cisilion
  • Craige Winter-Nolan, Sales Director, Cisilion
  • Rob Quickenden, Chief Strategy Officer, Cisilion


In this week's show:

  • Security wasn't always a priority in March, are you doing all the right things this time?
  • What are key vendors doing to ensure your collaboration platforms are secure?
  • How are we protecting our clients from attack vectors including identify theft and phishing.
  • How do you proactively move away from legacy security.
  • Does your home network need enterprise level security.
  • Open Q&A with our panelists.