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Cisco Annual Cybersecurity Report 2018

Cisco cybersecurity report 2018

Cisco has published its comprehensive cybersecurity report to keep security teams aware of cyber threats and inform them about steps that can be taken to improve cyber-resiliency. In this latest report, it comes apparent that warning flags need to be raised even higher because of the pace of change in the global cyber threat landscape.

Key findings include:

  • Adversaries are taking malware to unprecedented levels of sophistication and impact
  • Adversaries are becoming more adept at evasion and weaponising cloud services and other technology used for legitimate purposes
  • Adversaries are exploiting undefended gaps in security, many of which stem from the expanding Internet of Things (IoT) and use of cloud services
  • Defenders have a lot of challenges to overcome. Nonetheless, they will find that making strategic security improvements and adhering to common best practices can reduce exposure to emerging risks, slow attackers’ progress, and provide more visibility into the threat landscape

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