Who made the biggest impact in your digital transformation? Your CTO, CIO or Covid-19?

Join us for a virtual coffee break where we review the last year at Cisilion and discuss how you can prepare for the 'next normal' by balancing the commitment to remote working with safely reopening workplaces.

In our live chat, we will be joined by Cisilion’s Rob Quickeden (Chief Strategy Officer), Iqbal Javaid (Head of Collaboration) and Craige Winter-Nolan (Sales Director).

In this episode, we discuss topics including:

  • The lessons learned over the last three months on staff collaboration, communication and morale.
  • Success stories and the significant change in types of projects over the last six months.
  • Agile working has made Cisilion's users more productive and are now a catalyst for growth.
  • How Cisilion will start our new financial year on June 1st with an unrecognisable business plan from 12 months ago.
  • Embracing the 'next normal' in Cisilion's FY20/21 and our plans to safely reopen our workplaces powered by our Gold Partner status with Cisco.
  • An open Q&A session with Cisilion's experts.