Who made the biggest impact in your digital transformation? Your CTO, CIO or Covid-19?

Join us for a virtual coffee break to discuss how you can gain a competitive edge on your competition by maximising the savings you've made in recent weeks and invest in your IT services for the long term.

In our live chat, we will be joined by Cisilion’s Rob Quickeden (Chief Strategy Officer), Iqbal Javaid (Head of Collaboration) and Craige Winter-Nolan (Sales Director), looking into cost cutting opportunities.

In this episode, we discuss topics including:

  • Recap on taking advantage of financing, cloud optimisation, and payment deferral services to create cash flow.
  • How to maximise these short-term savings to gain a competitive edge post-lockdown.
  • How we've become more efficient delivering services due to the frequency of similar requests.
  • Client success stories on leveraging cost savings to enable the new 'business as usual'.
  • An open Q&A session with Cisilion's experts.