Who made the biggest impact in your digital transformation? Your CTO, CIO or Covid-19?

Join us for a virtual coffee break to discuss how you can turn we don’t have the money into what can we invest in now?'

In our live chat, we will be joined by Cisilion’s Rob Quickeden (Chief Strategy Officer), Iqbal Javaid (Head of Collaboration) and Craige Winter-Nolan (Sales Director), looking into cost cutting opportunities.

In this episode, we discuss topics including:

  • Leveraging Cisilion's Azure Optimisation services and Cisco Capital financing to free up and enable vital capital cash flow.
  • Through these savings, advance your digital transformation and other key re-focus areas across your business.
  • Accelerate or kick-start your cloud strategy to under-pin your business continuity planning without investing in new hardware.
  • How to best embrace this remote working mindset - driving new virtual contact centres and move from 9-5 to 24x7.