Who has made the biggest impact in your digital transformation? The CIO, CTO or Covid-19?

Join us for a virtual coffee break to discuss what we've learned during the early weeks of the UK-wide lockdown featuring Cisilion's Rob Quickenden (Chief Strategy Officer), Iqbal Javaid (Head of Collaboration) and Craige Winter-Nolan (Sales Director).


In this episode, we discuss topics including:

  • What have we seen in recent weeks?
    • How our clients have reacted to increased demands on the network, scaling up security and active directory remotely
  • What should we be doing?
    • If we knew this would happen, what would we have done differently?
    • How have we helped our clients deploy rapid enabling services and what issues have we seen?
  • Security - Protecting remote access to your data
    • Using multi-factor authentification, behavioural analytics and cloud access proactively to keep track of your users and malicious attacks