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Season 2 Coming in September 2020

Our #CisilionLIVE sessions focus on what we've learned during the UK-wide lockdown and how we've worked with our clients to tackle the immense challenges in the first half of 2020.

The sessions have featured industry guests and covered topics including remote working, cost cutting, returning safely to workplace, and key industry events.

See below for the on-demand archive and keep an eye out for our return in September.

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Catch Up: #CisilionLIVE on-demand 


Episode 1: Problem? What Problem? | Friday 17 April 2020

Focusing on what we've learned during the early weeks of the UK-wide lockdown, what you should be doing to establish business continuity and simple security fixes, featuring:

  • How our clients have reacted to increased demands on the network, scaling up security and active directory remotely.
  • How have we helped our clients deploy rapid enabling services and what issues have we seen?


Episode 2: Cutting Your Costs | Friday 24 April 2020

Focusing on leveraging Cisilion's cloud consumption optimisation and financing services to free up and enable vital capital cash flow, featuring:

  • Leveraging Cisilion's Azure Optimisation services and Cisco Capital financing to free up and enable vital capital cash flow.
  • Through these savings, advance your digital transformation and other key re-focus areas across your business.


Episode 3: Gaining a Competitive Edge | Friday 1 May 2020

Focusing on how to you can maximise the savings you've made in recent weeks in-order to invest in your IT services for the long term, featuring:

  • How to maximise short-term savings to gain a competitive edge post-lockdown.
  • How we've become more efficient delivering services due to the frequency of similar requests.


Episode 4: Adoption & Change Management | Friday 15 May 2020

Focusing on how to you can maximise your investments through embracing Adoption & Change Management practises, with topics including:

  • Why change management services are so important when adopting new solutions remotely.
  • How we've worked with the NHS to adopt solutions rolled out nation-wide during lockdown.


Episode 5: Reopening the Workplace | Friday 22 May 2020

Focusing on how to you can maximise your recent move to remote working to adjust to the evolving workplace rules around social distancing.:

  • What we can do today to ensure that our technology is ready to safely start re-opening our workplaces.
  • Leverage scheduling analytics to automate shift patters and desk-share availability.


Episode 6: 2020 Success Stories | Friday 29 May 2020

Focusing on how to you can maximise your recent move to remote working to adjust to the evolving workplace rules around social distancing.:

  • How Cisilion will start our new financial year on June 1st with an unrecognisable business plan from 12 months ago.
  • Success stories and the significant change in types of projects over the last six months.


Episode 7: Back to the Future | Friday 12 June 2020

Focusing on the alternative technology timeline we now live in and how this has drastically changed business continuity strategies for 2021:

  • Why our business continuity strategies can't go back to the pre-Covid-19 timeline.
  • What we're seeing across key industries including legal, finance, insurance, retail, healthcare and more..


Episode 8: Cisco Live Uncovered | Friday 19 June 2020

Join us for a recap of Cisco Live 2020's most important announcements along side leading Cisco experts:

  • New Webex features including the new AI Webex Assistant, enhanced security and changes coming to the app.
  • Optimised features within SecureX, one of the most comprehensive cloud native platform in the industry.
  • ThousandEyes acquisition and what it means for performance monitoring.