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Enhance your M365 backup protection with Acronis and Cisilion

Why Enhance your M365 Security with Acronis Backup?

Cisilion has teamed up with Acronis to provide an exclusive experience for customers with the Acronis Backup Solution. Built to provide an easy, efficient, and secure strategy, Acronis has built on the best-in-breed backup for customers to enhance backup protection.

Why Cisilion?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are trusted to provide specialist consultancy, assessments, technical project delivery, change management, implementation and migration, adoption services and of course technical support.


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Sign up for FREE POC:

Enhance your backup protection with the Acronis Backup Solution by signing up for our exclusive Free POC until the 31st of July 2022.




Benefits of Acronis Backup

An Effortless and Secure Security Solution Built to Better Your Business.




Full-Image and file-level backups

Ensure business continuity with flexible backup options and avoid downtime and data loss. 

Flexible storage options for both cloud and local storage

Meet data sovereignty or cost requirements. 

20+ workload types protected

From Infrastructure to SaaS Applications, streamline delivery using just one solution. 




Best in-industry RTO's

Recover any virtual, physical, or cloud server.

Universal Restore flexibility

Reduce RTOs and ensure quick, easy system migration with a few clicks.

Immutable Backups
(Ransomware Protection)

Ensure data is always recoverable and safe from any failure scenarios.